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Welcome to the Official Dojo Dynamics Support Page.  Over our 24 years in business many people have asked how they can support the Dojo and its unique way of allowing all students to be able to participate regardless of their ability to pay.  Master Scott Francis has never been one to accept donations as he feels that teaching the Martial Arts is his “Calling” in life.  He does accept support each year during the Annual Fundraiser known as the “Dojo Block Party”.  The monies raised from the fundraiser serves several purposes as it helps maintain the building with repairs and improvements and most of all allows the Dojo’s mission of “No Student Left Behind” to continue to teach those who have fallen upon financial hardships.

As most small businesses, the Pandemic, Quarantine and the Corona Virus Covid-19 have been financially devastating.  The Dojo conducted its last classes on March 12th, not knowing we would be shut down for 3 months and counting.  Even though the building has sat empty with the compliance of safety & health guidelines, the same bills and expenses have continued to accumulate.  Slowly some financial relief has been had arrived after 70 days of waiting.  The stimulus and unemployment has been to support Scott, Becky and family on a personal level.  However the Dojo has had zero income.  

Scott has told us of all of the people that have reached out either with support or wanting to help.  He has even told us of people showing up at his home with money in hand to help.  A few would not take no for an answer, but most he was able to say, “Just Wait Until We Get Something Together”.  The words sounded like that he would accept help once there was a plan, but the truth of the matter was that he didn’t know if there was going to be a way out of this and/or if there will even be a Dojo Dynamics after this mandated shutdown.  The community has continuously stated that when you are ready, they would be there.  We are finally at the point of starting our return home.    

This year as we move toward our 7th Annual Block Party, it is evident that selling a few pork chop and chicken dinners is not going to pull the Dojo out of the hole this Pandemic has caused.  We are also concerned as students start to return or new students want to sign up, how has this time of Covid-19 affected them?  Will they be able to afford to come back?  Will they be able to start at all?  As Master Francis has always said, “It doesn’t matter, we will make a place for them”.     

This is the reason we have set up this page and have convinced Master Francis that this is the best way to make our return.  Let us as the community show the Love, Appreciation and Determination to breathe new life into the dormant Dojo and to express the need for the Dojo and Master Francis’ ability to guide, teach and mentor many generations to come. 

It is simple to donate as you can click on the “Donate” button, enter the amount that calls to your heart, and select one time or reoccurring.  Your donation will not only help us make a comeback as we try and catch up from 3 months of lost income, but continue on with building improvements already underway and still be able to offer the “No Student Left Behind” Scholarship.

Thank you for visiting the Dojo Dynamics Support Page.


With Much Appreciation of your Consideration,

The Dojo “Come Back Team”

Some of the wonderful things the dojo has done for the community!



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